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[GRVT005] LUCENT.01 Series

by Bruno Sacco and Fabrizio Lapiana

8.00 / Coming Soon

Confused transmissions , numbers flying out from the outer space.
Lucent is the end of a lightening bolt.
Shimmering clouds over a human landscape.
Just a rhythmic bounce , suddenly, seems to give a sense to it all.
A symphony of time-warps filled of bass-drums."

Gravite and Attic music owners Bruno SACCO & Fabrizio LAPIANA, together to interpret their vision of light in Techno key.
Two different visions but converging in this superb collector release "12 transparent vinyl.

LUCENT series, “12 Clear Transparent Vinyl inside a PVC deluxe bag.

Tracklist :

A1 - Bruno Sacco - Erase (Original mix)
B1 - Fabrizio Lapiana- Dissociation (Original mix)